The Phoenix Group

The Quadrilogy

The Phoenix Group – Rising When archaeologist Mark Gillian uncovers a deadly artefact in a lost temple along with a list of three other locations, he relies on his old school friend Cook, the one person he can trust who has the abilities to gather the remaining pieces. On their quest they soon discover they’re not the only ones interested in the artefacts, the most ultra-secret organisation in the world, The Phoenix Group have been searching for nearly 50 years and have already unlocked their dangerous secrets. From undiscovered temples in the Amazonas to caverns under London’s Westminster Parliament and from the mysterious Brown Mountain range to beneath a secret American Air Force base, there will be no greater puzzle or chase. To stop the end of civilization. If they lose this fight… so will you.


The Phoenix Group – Ascension As the race to gather the final artefacts takes a deadly turn for Mark Gillian and his companions, his old friend Cook soon realises he may have put his own family in mortal danger. The Phoenix Group will stop at nothing to hold all four pieces of the artefact, hiding in the shadows, ready to start a sequence of events that began decades ago. With only two more locations left on the list, the ultimate race is on. Our existence is coming to an end. If they don’t survive, you lose everything.


The Phoenix Group – Covergence


The Phoenix Group – Existence


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